Caffeine Infused Eye Serum Roller

Caffeine Infused Eye Serum Roller

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Do puffy eyes or dark under eye circles get you down? Tired of people commenting how tired you appear? Our new caffeine under eye serum will help you eel youthful, perky, and ready to seize the day.

Coffee is more than an early morning ritual; add it to your skincare routine! Caffeine has been known to have anti-inflammatory benefits as well as improve circulation, both needed to de-puff and bid adieu to the dreaded raccoon eyes. The coffee I chose is organic and fair trade, so you can feel good about applying it to your skin. The blend of carrier oils will nourish your skin without feeling heavy or greasy. Don't let the rich hue of the serum startle you, as it applies translucent once rubbed in. Let the coffee aroma perk your senses and your skin!

To use, gently roll onto cleansed skin and use your fingertips to massage in using an upward circular motion. Apply more if needed. Great addition to both morning and evening beauty routines.
Ingredients: sunflower, grapeseed, avocado, and coconut oils infused with organic, fair trade light roast coffee; rosehip seed oil; frankincense and vanilla essential oils

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